NEW PRODUCT FLASH: KD SideLight From Curries

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Whether during new construction or a retrofit, a common problem encountered with the installation of a sidelight opening in facilities is transporting the complete frame unit to the intended opening. To address this situation, CURRIES, an ASSA ABLOY company, offers its KD SideLight product.

This is a drywall KD (knock-down) sidelight unit that can be assembled and installed at the opening without having to weld the frame pieces together and transport them to various areas of a facility. This eliminates concerns about fitting the welded frame in an elevator or through doorways of a building.

The CURRIES KD SideLight is designed so that contractors can use common hand tools (e.g., level, square, Phillips screwdriver, rubber mallet) to install it into a rough opening in a short amount of time.

Sizes available are: 4′ x 8′ maximum door opening and 8′ x8′ maximum elevation opening. The frame is made with 16 gauge cold rolled and A60 galvanized steel. Standard face measurement is 2″, with 1-1/2″ and 1-3/4″ also available. The KD SideLight Frame can be specified in any of the CURRIES factory painted prefinish colors along with any of the Pantone colors.


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NEW PRODUCT FLASH: KD SideLight From Curries
This door product aims to ease installation during construction and retrofit projects.
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