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An recent expansion to its Kirkcaldy, Scotland facility aims to reduce lead times for its MCT product significantly.

Forbo Flooring Expands Production Capacity

After introducing the MCT (Marmoleum Composition Tile) collection in 2009, Forbo Flooring Systems found it could not produce its MCT and Marmoleum Dual Tile products quickly enough to meet demand. As an alternative to VCT (vinyl composition tile) flooring products, MCT is made from natural raw materials, including linseed oil, pine rosin and wood flour, and it is biodegradable.

Forbo states that the high demand for MCT resulted in longer than acceptable lead times to the market, and in response, the company recently added production capabilities at its Kirkcaldy, Scotland facility. The company has announced the already completed addition of more than 60% annualized capacity volume expansion at the Kirkcaldy facility as of August 1, 2010. Forbo has made a substantial capital investment to improve service further, and it will continue to improve product lead times with an additional 50% annualized capacity volume being added to the facility by March 1, 2011. The company states this will effectively more than double its global capacity.


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