Facility Management Solutions Coming Next Month

In a bold and innovative move, Today’s Facility Manager is launching a new concept with its year end issue. For the first time, TFM will devote a significant portion of the magazine’s editorial content to exploring products and services that specifically address the challenges faced by facility management (FM) professionals.

Key manufacturers and service providers will have the chance to share some of the new and existing offerings being made available to facility managers (fms). They will also explain how and why the offerings are particularly relevant to the FM community. These brief, informative vignettes will illustrate precisely what kinds of advancements fms should expect down the road in terms of product and service introductions and enhancements.

Vendors, consultants, and manufacturers interested in contributing to the December issue of TFM can send an e-mail to tfm@groupc.com with the word “Solutions” in the subject line of the e-mail (please include your organization’s home office location). FM professionals who are looking forward to this exciting issue, stay tuned!


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