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This addition to the Tide Professional Laundry System can help hospitality facility managers whiten linens and extend useful life.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Laundry Whiteness Enhancer From Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble Professional®, the away-from-home division of Procter & Gamble (P&G), recently announced its Tide® Professional Whiteness Enhancer, a non-bleach rinse aid designed to enable whiteness rejuvenation, whiteness longevity and fabric strength, and help provide noticeably whiter linens in a single cycle.(1)  This new addition to the Tide Professional Laundry System can help improve a facility’s bottom line by reducing linen replacement cost due to worn fabrics by up to 55%,(1) while keeping linens whiter and stronger for longer.(2)

The introduction of this Whiteness Enhancer addresses two cost drivers in on-premise laundry operations: labor and linen replacement. According to P&G, labor costs constitute almost half (46%) of laundry operation costs, and linen replacement accounts for almost a quarter (22%).(1) The Tide Professional Laundry System (which includes this new whiteness enhancer), rejuvenates, protects and extends the life of linens, resulting in fewer replacement costs and more efficient laundry operations over time. Laboratory tests underscore the improvements compared to standard alkaline commercial programs:

  • Whiteness Rejuvenation: The Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer features Triple Action Whiteness Technology that immediately starts rejuvenating old, dingy linens. In tests, dingy and yellowed linens looked noticeably whiter after a single cycle.(1)
  • Whiteness Longevity: The Tide Professional Laundry System (featuring the Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer) ensures that linens continue looking white and bright even with age. The system helps protect the integrity of linen fibers over time, prolonging their whiteness and maximizing their time in use.(2)
  • Fabric Strength: Alkaline detergents can damage linen fibers, making them weaker over time. The Tide Professional Laundry System is a non-corrosive near-neutral pH formula, which prevents fiber damage. Linens washed with the Tide Professional Laundry System are up to 1.5 times stronger compared to traditional alkaline systems,(2) and helps increase linen life and reduce premature linen replacement.

The Tide Professional Laundry System encompasses four professional strength products:

  • The new Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer: A non-bleach rinse aid that uses Triple Action Whiteness Technology to rejuvenate white linens
  • Tide 2x Professional Detergent: Laundry detergent that uses proprietary enzymatic technology
  • Downy® Professional Fabric Softener: Dye- and perfume-free fabric softener
  • Clorox® Bleach: Laundry bleach that eliminates residual color from stains

The system also features specialty stain aids designed to remove a variety of stains, including those from grease and rust.

1 Data on file
2 Compared to a leading alkaline laundry system in a 50-cycle test
3 Survey conducted July 2010


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