NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Planon 2011 Integrated Workplace Management Software

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The Planon Group, a provider of Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) software, recently announced the launch of the 2011 version of its IWMS software. This latest version is designed to optimize workplace use and employee performance while dramatically reducing costs. It offers a range of new functionality to help companies effectively manage the changing office environment, where work is becoming increasingly flexible and the “traditional” office is replaced by virtual remote workplaces.

With the introduction of an advanced AutoCAD integration solution, the new software package strives to meet the growing demand for complete visibility into core business processes and workflows. The 2011 version is also enabled for Macintosh and features Window 7 Support so users can use Planon on a broader range of operating systems.

This latest version brings many new features designed to optimize performance and reduce costs, including:

  • Planon Connect for AutoCAD®: Provides complete visibility into space utilization and asset  utilization, allowing graphical scenario planning and space mappings in AutoCAD to improve space usage.
  • Integrated Services Management: Reduce downtimes and costs in core business processes with 24/7 web access across RE, FM, IT, and HR areas.
  • Invoice & Cash Flow Manager: Planon 2011 offers organizations a way to achieve internal and external compliance mandates and contractual obligations with streamlined, unified invoice processing and cash flow management resulting in less mistakes and administration and maximized contract value.
  • Comprehensive Asset Management: The latest version offers an array of financial forecasting, scenario planning, strategic decision making, and activity planning tools and reports. Using Planon 2011, organizations can extend the technical and economic lifecycle of assets, reduce downtimes, avoid business critical standstills while automating work orders, SLA management, maintenance management, and more.
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