NEW PRODUCT FLASH: sportSchwank By Schwank Group

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The Schwank Group is a maker of infrared heating solutions that focus on energy efficiency in operation. One of the company’s gas fired infrared heaters is the sportSchwank, designed to provide outdoor comfort heat to spectators in open air stadiums.

The product is engineered to meet the exacting heating requirements of stadiums, sports arenas, and outdoor venues. In addition, sportSchwank can be installed up to 180′ high for added comfort without affecting spectators view or range of movement.

The technology has been used for many years by in Europe in several open air soccer stadium projects. To date, two projects have been completed in the United States — Rutgers club seating in New Jersey and the Kansas City Power and Light Live! outdoor venue project in Missouri.

The product features a weather protection enclosure (specially designed to meet the needs and conditions of stadiums and outdoor venues); high radiant heat output (good for high distance suspension heights up to 180′, and occupants enjoy 64°F comfort on a 46°F day); and there are four input sizes (firing rates) to satisfy specific site requirements.

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