NEW PRODUCT FLASH: ICE PACK Emergency Sustainment Systems

Ashbury International Group, Inc., a provider of soldier systems to America’s armed forces, is now offering emergency preparedness solutions for workplaces. The company’s Emergency Sustainment System is the first of a series of turnkey solutions under its ICE PACK (In Case of Emergency) brand.

The ICE PACK Emergency Sustainment System provides businesses with a three or more day supply of essential provisions to sustain themselves during an emergency or disaster event.

ICE PACK Emergency Sustainment System for eight people shown here.

The System is packaged in bright yellow, FDA-approved, high visibility ruggedized, six gallon containers that are resistant to floodwaters, rain, insects, and rodents. The resealable containers can be easily located in dark or cluttered areas due to large glow-in-the-dark labels.

Standard ICE PACK Emergency Sustainment Systems are available in several sizes: four-person, eight-person, and 16-person. Each System consists of 15 integrated modules and are customizable for enterprise-wide use.

Each System contains: disaster planning, preparedness and response manuals; shelter-in-place and shelter repair supplies; all hazards radio; environmental and personal protection; emergency lighting; emergency signaling devices; lithium battery power; emergency multi-tools; medical first aid; safe drinking water and hot food; personal hygiene items; and even supplies for emergency record keeping and entertainment designed to relieve stress.

Every ICE PACK Emergency Preparedness System is shelf stable for five years, except for Over the Counter (OTC) medications in the medical first aid module, which consumers should replace annually for best results.


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  1. Anne, thank you for featuring ICE PACK on your site. We appreciate it! If you have any questions or need additional information on ICE PACK please feel free to contact me.

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