FRIDAY FUNNY: Isn't It Ironic?

What happens when Chicken Little comes home to roost in a municipal building? Ask members of the San Antonio Dangerous Structure Determination Board, and they will indeed say the sky is falling….and it’s not pretty.

A discussion surrounding a fatal incident involving an apartment complex had to be canceled when the City Council Chambers was closed and evacuated. Why? Because chunks of the ceiling plaster fell near employees who happened to be in the room at the time.

John Tedesco writes:

The first piece that fell was small and light. But later, a larger piece landed with a loud thunk and almost struck a city employee who inspects dilapidated buildings in San Antonio. No one was injured.

“A vendor was installing insulation around the ductwork located above the ceiling in the chambers this morning,” Steven Morando, assistant director of the city’s Purchasing and General Services Department, said in an e-mail after the meeting. “Their employee’s foot hit the plaster and caused a small 6-inch diameter piece of plaster to dislodge.”

The incident took place late last month. There has been no update on the state of the ceiling in the offices, but the apartment complex owner was given an extension in order to present his case.

Many thanks to Charles Carpenter for submitting this story.


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