NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Roppe & ReSource Recycling Rubber

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Roppe Corporation is partnering with the ReSource Commercial Flooring Network, LLC to support the network’s environmental initiative, Ecollect™ in conjunction with Roppe’s IMPACT rubber recycling program. ReSource created Ecollect™ to promote sustainable business practices throughout its network of nearly 100 independent commercial flooring contractors across the United States. The mission of Ecollect™ is to divert waste material being sent to the landfills. ReSource Member Owners are encouraged to find ways to divert these materials from landfills through reduce, reuse, and recycle.

“Partnering with Roppe’s IMPACT program allows ReSource Members to expand their sustainability efforts to include the recycling of rubber products further reducing waste sent to landfills,” said Ken Daniels, vice president, ReSource Commercial Flooring Network.

Roppe’s IMPACT program, introduced in June of 2009, begins with material gathered from job sites in recycled Gaylord containers, returned to Roppe’s recycling partner. Then the reclaimed material is made into a variety of new products. The most popular products manufactured from the recycled rubber material currently include municipal landscaping mulches, playground surfacing, and rubber crumb for athletic fields and other applications.

In the past, rubber products with adhesive were not able to be recycled. There was no real solution for recycling these materials other than scraping the old adhesive off prior to return for recycling. After extensive research and development, Roppe has developed a proprietary process engineered to alleviate this problem.

Rick Rollins, Roppe Holding Company’s Director of Specifications shared, “we are pleased to have ReSource as a partner in the effort to promote green product initiatives that will benefit the industry and the environment.”

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