NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Honeywell Wireless Mesh Thermostats

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Honeywell Wireless Mesh Thermostats | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
The three models can be integrated with the company's WEBs-AX building automation systems.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Honeywell Wireless Mesh Thermostats


NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Honeywell Wireless Mesh Thermostats

Honeywell has introduced the TB7200, TB7300, and TB7600 BACnet® and ZigBee® wireless mesh communicating thermostats for use with Honeywell’s WEBs-AX™ building automation systems.

Shown here is the TB7600 communicating thermostat.

These new TB wireless communication thermostats will allow facility managers to maintain and view their thermostats from one central location, which adds a level of control along with the ability to increase energy efficiencies.

The TB7200, TB7300 and TB7600 include models for rooftop units, heat pump and zoning applications, and hotel and commercial fan coil applications. The TB7200 can be used for zone control; the TB7300 for fan coil; and the TB7600 for rooftop and heat pump PIR-ready applications.

The thermostats are menu driven and have an LCD backlit display, designed for easy set up and integration with WEBs-AX. Additional features include:

  • An integrated advanced occupancy functionality with PIR models; all models are PIR ready with the addition of the occupancy sensor cover.
  • A comprehensive scheduling feature that allows for the ability to monitor controllers remotely
  • A multitude of configurable control sequences for faster installer set up
  • A multifunction auxiliary output


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