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Larson Electronics has introduced a new product to its line of explosion proof and hazardous location drop lights.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Magnalight Explosion Proof Work Light

Larson Electronics, a manufacturer and distributor of industrial lighting equipment, has introduced a new product to its line of explosion proof and hazardous location drop lights.

The latest addition is the EPL-50-120×12-EHR incandescent work light, which produces an effective spotlight beam for jobs requiring the ability to project illumination across significant distances in a hazardous workplace. Ruggedly constructed and approved for Class 1 Division 1 hazardous locations, the Magnalight EPL-50-120×12-EHR hazardous area incandescent work light provides operators with a spotlight well suited for illuminating select portions of large areas. The light meets federal specification JC-580A and is ideal for performing inspections and servicing work in large tanks or work areas where portions of the space may be difficult to access directly. Although primarily producing a spotlight beam, the drop light also provides good peripheral illumination near the fixture.

Containing an incandescent lamp within a slip ring type explosion proof housing, this unit is also equipped with 50′ of SOOW 16/3 AWG cord to provide users with plenty of working cord length. The explosion proof cord is managed by the attached cord reel containing a spark proof ratcheting mechanism that prevents the chance of inadvertent ignitions of flammable atmospheres while the cord is being wound onto or off of the reel.

While safety is the primary concern, the light is also designed with convenience in mind. Rather than mount the transformer in the handle where it could increase lamp weight and thus user fatigue, or inline with the cord where it could prove cumbersome and easily tangled, Magnalight mounted the transformer to the reel and effectively negated these issues.

“There are very few true explosion proof spotlights available on the market and we are uncovering a growing base of customers looking for barrel and tank inspection lights that will deliver plenty of punch power over long distances,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’  “In most cases, customers are looking for explosion proof reel mounts, so they can deploy the light, perform the inspection and then rapidly store the explosion proof light, all within the hazardous location area.”


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