NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Improved R-Mer Edge Roofing By Garland

The Garland Company, Inc. has announced an upgrade to its existing R-Mer Edge® fascia and coping systems for low-slope roofing.

A properly designed metal edge system is the first line of defense against high winds, and the improved R-Mer Edge systems have been tested by an independent lab and are certified to conform to ANSI/SPRI ES-1, which formalizes the International Building Code (IBC) specifications for resistance to wind related failures.

According to commercial insurer FM Global, 59% of insured losses involving built-up roofing (BUR) were the result of edge securement failure. The insurance industry estimates that wind related events cause more than half of all insured disaster losses, which amounted to over $300 billion between 1988 and 2007.

Tom Diamond, E.I., Garland metal products manager, states, “Proper edge securement is too often overlooked because it is there to prevent episodic, rather than perpetual, conditions. What people forget is that when a high wind episode does occur, the results can be catastrophic. We are not talking about a gradual failure due to natural degradations of performance over time. We are talking about a single episode resulting in immediate and devastating roof failure. When such a time- and cost-effective preventive measure exists, it is foolhardy to deliberately ignore the legally mandated standards.”

Some of the performance improvements in the new edging systems enabling ES-1 compliance are:

  • A streamlined cant dam profile for R-Mer Edge fascia
  • Improved geometry on the inside leg of R-Mer Edge coping
  • Elimination of exposed fasteners that can back out and create leaks
  • Also, the new edging can be post-painted to match or complement any color scheme.

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