Only Two Weeks Until World FM Day: June 23, 2011!

There are just two weeks to go before the international facility management community kicks off its third annual edition of World FM Day. Global FM member organizations on six different continents will celebrate by holding events such as luncheons, seminars, and workshops, or by undertaking any other activity to celebrate and promote facilities management. With this event, professionals aim at raising the FM profession profile around the globe, promoting facilities management’s ideals worldwide, not only within the profession and industry, but also among the governments and the general public.

To help those interested in organizing an event, Global FM has created a communications support package, including the World FM Day logo, poster, power point presentation, banner, e-mail signature, etc. All these items are available for download at the Global FM website.

To add an event to the World FM Day Google Map (or to check out the events planned) click this link.

Make sure you connect to World FM Day via Facebook and Twitter to learn all about what is happening elsewhere in the world, but also to share how you will celebrate FM on June 23. On the wall of the World FM Day Facebook Fan Page you can upload your photos and videos of the events you organized or attended. Even if your celebration was just a simple lunch discussing the importance of FM with your work colleagues, please make sure you capture the moment, via video or photo, and share it with the whole world.

Whenever posting something related to World FM Day, don’t forget to add in the beginning of the tweet the hashtag #worldfmday. Using this hastag will add your tweet to all the other worldfmday related tweets.

For more on the event, check out this video with Teena Shouse, chair of Global FM and Iain Murray, deputy chairman.


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