NEW PRODUCT FLASH: PAN200 Series Duct Leakage Tester From TSI

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The Positive and Negative Duct Accreditation (PANDA) System, PAN200 Series recently introduced by TSI is designed to provide fast, accurate duct leakage detection, as well as duct performance measurements. The PAN200 Series offers a best in class automated solution to quantify air leakage in ductwork and other areas.

Packaged with the TSI VELOCICALC® 9565-P and DP-Calc Micromanometer 5825, the PAN200 series offers real-time leakage rate calculations, monitors barometric pressure and temperature, generates a Pass/Fail result, and simplifies report generation and documentation by downloading stored data.  The system can also print out leakage test results when coupled with a Model 8934 Portable Printer.

Its distinctive design allows the PANDA System to test a full range of pressures, and to conduct both positive and negative duct leakage tests in one system. Equipped with a high flow fan for large duct sections, the PAN200 series pressurizes the duct quickly, allowing testing to begin in minutes. The PANDA System also helps to ensure compliance with SMACNA, EN12237, EN1507, and EUROVENT 2/2 standards, which enhances energy savings in buildings. The system fits in the back of vans and trucks for ease of transportation.

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