New Product Flash: Modernization Solution for Older Mid-Rise Elevators from Schindler

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Schindler Elevator Corporation recently introduced an elevator modernization solution specifically designed for mid-rise buildings. With an integrated group of technology upgrades incorporating Schindler components, facility managers can upgrade older elevators in mid-rise buildings with shortened lead times and less down time.

The components of Schindler’s mid-rise modernization solution are designed for retrofitting to older elevators. The company’s redesigned Miconic ®TX control platform allows for simple installation, while continuing to deliver the performance expected from Miconic TX components. Those features include:

  • Schindler Miconic® TX intelligent controllers
  • Schindler Power Factor 1 energy efficient regenerative drives
  • Schindler Varidor 50A closed loop linear door
  • Schindler standard serial fixture packages

Additionally, Schindler Remote Monitoring™ (SRM), a maintenance tool, monitors the upgraded system 24 hours a day/7 days per week and helps return equipment to service up to 22% faster than traditional troubleshooting methods. Customers can also add Schindler Lobby Vision®, a building management system, to their modernization. The system provides real-time management of elevator groups and traffic statistics for performance reporting.

“Many buildings built in the 1970s and 1980s now require newer technology to stay competitive in the marketplace,” says Michael Landis, vice president of marketing for Schindler. “With Schindler’s modernization solution, facility managers can bring their mid-rise buildings’ elevators up to today’s standards for reliability, efficiency, and sustainability quickly and cost-effectively with minimal disruption.”

The Power Factor 1 regenerative drive technology helps return energy back into the building’s power line. Options such as replacing older geared technology with new gearless machines and LED cab lights with automatic shutoffs are available to further enhance energy savings.  Recyclable packaging helps make Schindler’s modernization solution even greener.

To further enhance building value and improve passenger experience and productivity, Schindler’s mid-rise solution is also available with Schindler ID, which provides traffic handling as well as access control features and personalized service. Schindler can interface an elevator system’s existing controllers with Schindler ID® destination dispatching before the modernization begins, eliminating much of the disruption in service experienced with traditional modernizations. Schindler ID can be turned on with “a flip of a switch”, usually over a weekend and without disruption of service. Personalization and access control can be provided via passengers using an identification medium or PIN code and assigned a car without any need for further interaction.

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