New Product Flash: SeeSnake® microDrain™ D65S Inspection Camera System by RIDGID®

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The RIDGID® SeeSnake® microDrain™ D65S inspection camera system with the RIDGID® Scout® locator allows for accessible and precise inspections in lines up to 3″. It has the capability for navigating 1 1/2″ pressurized lines and taking 90˚ turns.

The system features a 65′ flexible cable and a small, 22 millimeter diameter camera head, allowing for increased accessibility and efficiency during inspections. The flexibility of the cable and tight turn radius of the camera head permit it to navigate through lines, taking tight turns to show the leak or blockage in plumbing systems, HVAC ducts, boiler systems, and chimneys. A locatable sonde allows users to pinpoint the exact location of a problem with the Scout locator, reducing the area that would potentially need to be excavated.

The D65S system, which is backed by a lifetime warranty and is lightweight and portable, enabling it to fit on most trucks and making it accessible for everyday use. The unit stands 17.5″ high, 6.6″ wide, and weighs 9.8 pounds.

“The RIDGID SeeSnake microDrain D65S inspection system can navigate the sharp turns in underground pool piping,” says Sarah Golish, director of inspection systems and networks, RIGID. “When combined with the Scout locating system, it eliminates the guesswork from service and repair of underground pipe inspection jobs, allowing users to perform precise inspections, diagnosis, and locate the problem so it can be fixed with as little damage as possible to property.”

Multiple monitor compatibility allows users to use the microDrain D65S reel with any SeeSnake monitor or the microEXPLORER® digital inspection camera to capture still and video images.

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