FRIDAY FUNNY: Faster Than A Speeding Sofa!

In Sydney, Australia, the term “couch potato” has been redefined. No longer the epitome of inactivity, one sofa has turned into a speed demon, thanks to the work of one group of engineers and designers determined to break the high speed sofa world record. Earlier this week, gear heads from Add a Motor To It and Evolution Motorsport took a leather loveseat, coffee table, AND fruit bowl for a spin and clocked in at 101 mph…pretty impressive for a piece of furniture!
On September 29, 2011, the Australian team took the juiced up sofa for its Guinness World Record breaking spin down the runway of the Camden Airport. Powered by a Suzuki GSX 1400 motorcycle engine, the leather two-seater broke a previous sofa speed record of 92 mph, set by Britain’s Marek Turowski back in 2008.

Here’s more, courtesy of The (Syndey) Telegraph:

“It’s the oddest vehicle we’ve ever built,” project leader Paul McKinnon said.

“With race cars, you can use the aerodynamic body kit dictated by the regulations for each series. But with the couch, it was a matter of just doing what we could.

“We kept it as low-profile as we could, and tried to break the airflow with the coffee table.”

So for those of us with furniture that just sits around doing nothing, it’s time to get cracking on a new record!


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