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NITEGLOW stair nosings from Wooster Products provide luminescent egress path markings, along with slip resistant surfacing. NYC Local Law 26, IBC, and IFC codes state that luminescent egress path markings shall be provided in buildings that have occupied floors over 75′.

Wooster’s NITEGLOW nosings meet these codes and have been specified for use in the Freedom Tower, World Trade Center Tower 4, and in the World Trade Center Memorial emergency exit stairwells in New York City.

The area that glows on NITEGLOW nosings is created by a pigment embedded in a hard epoxy mixture, rather than an adhesive tape. Recharged by any light source, natural or artificial, indefinitely, the nosings have a brightness rating that meets NYC and IBC standards. (Glow in the dark treads are not designed to provide enough light to illuminate a dark egress path, but rather to provide luminescent outlines of the egress stairs.)

Shown here is the most popular NITEGLOW tread, the M231BF-NG (3″ total width, with 1″ NITEGLOW strip), but there are several other profiles available. Geared for renovation construction are the 500-NG (9″total width, with 1 1/8″ NITEGLOW strip) and the 333-NG (3″ total width, with a 1″ wide NITEGLOW strip).

The products have been tested and approved for: Brightness rating (ISO 17398:2004); Washability (ASTM D 4828-1994 – 2003); Toxicity Bombardier (SMP 800-C R); Radioactivity (ASTM D 3648-2004); and Flame Spread (ASTM D 635-2003).

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