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What kinds of cleaning benchmarks are available for office areas of all kinds?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Cleaning Benchmarks

Q. What are typical/benchmark cleaning frequencies for office areas including hard floor surfaces, vacuuming carpets, steam cleaning, carpets, etc.?

Also, should building occupancy/load be used in determining a specific cleaning schedule (in addition to RSF)?

Rodger Evans
Engineering Group Manager
General Motors
Essilor USA

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  1. Karen Ward says:

    I am in South Africa and am involved with a company called Purchasing Index and we do cleaning benchmarking but only in SA unfortunately. If anyone find a similar service in the USA please ask them to contact me as sharing processes would be great. Thanks, Karen

  2. Chris Cusick says:

    Great question. Although my view may be a bit biased, I think from a carpet cleaning perspective, it all depends on the facility. FM’s should work with service providers to develop custom cleaning solutions that meet the building’s size, traffic patterns, occupancy, etc.

    As a general rule, the more traffic a space has, the more often the carpet should be cleaned. The program should maximize your budget dollars by creating a schedule that takes into account the high, medium and low traffic areas. Daily vacuuming in your high traffic areas is also a good idea.

    Thorough cleaning should also be done more frequently during cold and flu season to help limit the spread of bacteria and viruses.

    Best of luck!

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