WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ice Melt Tips for Facility Managers

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This web exclusive comes from Niles Hysell, director of Ice Melt Product Management for Morton Salt, Inc.

Until recently, there were conflicting recommendations from various authoritative sources about the optimal melter and application rate to clear ice and snow effectively. This confusion has lead to over-application and unnecessary environmental runoff over the years. Understanding the differences between melters and their optimal use can help facility managers pinpoint the most cost-effective and efficient ice melt tools.

To address the issue, Morton Salt partnered with Michigan Technological University, a leading authority on snow removal and melter testing, to test melter performance in the real world and identify the best products and application amounts to use in varying winter temperatures.

The research, which was done in a controlled lab setting as well as outdoors, uncovered how extreme temperature melters, like pure calcium chloride, were only necessary to have on hand when temperatures fall below zero. For normal winter temperatures, i.e. above 0°F, facility managers can save money, time, and help reduce environmental impact with safer ice melt blends and rock salt.

Morton leverages research and analysis to help customers access the right products for their needs all season long. Part of that promise is gathering sophisticated weather intelligence to meet projected seasonal demand, so the right product is there when customers need it most. Between the latest research and analytical tools, facility managers can ensure a safer, happier snow season.

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