QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Not All Techs Are Created Equal

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Q. Not all facility maintenance technicians are on the same level. Some can change light bulbs and unclog toilets, while others can wire three-phase motor starters, program digital controls, and properly change out a compressor on a large refrigeration plant.

Where can I find data on the prevailing wage rates for the later (preferably adjusted for remote locations)?

Brad Fite
Facilities Manager
Aspen Parks & Recreation
Aspen, CO

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  1. One place is the Dept. of Labor, a federal website. Also it varies from state to state. In part due to unions vs right to work states. I get my info from them when bidding on federal and state projects. SO the Union States, you can get Union rates from the local offices. You may also contact the IMI (International of Maintenance Institutes).

    I agree though, it is hard to adjust for pay rates, from state to state, and the industry variance also plays a significant role. A Tecnician in the say Biotech company versus and Paper Mill, or office complex to a mega mall…The biotech payscale would be significantly higher than say an office/tech complex.
    You also ned to add into the equation that many areas do not use the techinican label.

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