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A trade-in program addresses facilities that want to update their roadway signage with current technology.

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Signage Upgrades from All Traffic Solutions

Earlier this year, All Traffic Solutions launched a trade-in program that enables municipalities and facilities that own older radar speed displays and variable message signs to upgrade their signage equipment and technology.

In exchange for the old sign and a commitment to two years of the company’s SmartApps Traffic Suite service, customers receive a new model sign. Using the SmartApps Traffic Suite and technology such as GPS, camera, accelerometer, Bluetooth, and cellular, facility staff can manage equipment remotely through a web portal, automatically retrieving data and sending updates to and from the field.

Under the program, if the sign being traded in is from All Traffic Solutions, customers should send  in the entire display. If the old sign is from another company, only the electronics and radar should be submitted. All Traffic Solutions then provides a sign of similar digit size to the customer (the size can be increased, if the customer pays the difference in base model price).

The company, which is based in State College, PA, is offering a perpetual warranty on their hardware for as long as the SmartApps subscription is continued.


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