Find Out How Central Park Zoo Residents Keep Cool: Visit The New TFM Cooling Channel

MovinCool has unveiled its new Cooling Channel on the Today’s Facility Manager website.

Ever since developing the original spot air conditioner in 1982, MovinCool has been redefining the industry by continuing to introduce innovative, cost-effective cooling solutions for a variety of applications.

MovinCool was established to develop portable spot air conditioning systems for its parent company, DENSO Corporation. As a leading automotive component supplier to many of the world’s major automotive manufacturers—including Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda and Toyota—DENSO employs 120,000 people in 35 countries throughout the world.

The first MovinCool portable spot air conditioners were so effective in keeping DENSO factory employees cool that the company quickly decided to make them available commercially. Filling a critical need for spot cooling, MovinCool units were soon being put to use in a wide array of demanding environments.

Today, as manufacturing, telecom, computer and office-equipment demands evolve at record speed, MovinCool spot air conditioners are keeping pace, delivering cooling solutions that are more efficient, more reliable and more cost-effective than ever before.

Visit the Today’s Facility Manager Cooling Channel to learn more about portable and ceiling-mount spot air conditioners. (To view the Central park zoo video, visit the Cooling Channel’s Videos page.)


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