FRIDAY FUNNY: Hallmark Moments in the Workplace

The workplace…what hasn’t already been said about it (that can be repeated here)? When all else fails, there are Someecards…for times when you care enough to hit send. “Created by Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell and a dollar and a half-assed dream,” this virtual e-card phenomenon has been knocking about for many years.

Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, its popularity has skyrocketed. Timely topical cards reflecting just about any subject (both conventional and controversial, or “from important to utterly pointless,” as the site claims) appear on the Someecards site within a matter of hours, and they start making the rounds just as quickly. Brian Morrissey of AdWeek writes, “The site goes places Hallmark would certainly not. The ‘Apology’ section alone has several gems…including, “Sorry my Web browser history scared you.”

So when you care enough to send the most sarcastic, consider sharing these tongue in cheek sentiments regarding workplace attitudes. The folks at the site suggest “you e-mail them to friends, family, coworkers, loved ones, liked ones, and anyone else with fingers.”


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  1. Patti says:

    this made my day!
    thank you

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