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A few years ago, a group of good humored employees decided to undertake a small overnight office renovation project for the sake of a laugh. Four engineers started on the task at about 8pm and worked overnight to wall off the senior executive wing of the office. When staff members arrived the next day they were in for a surprise!

See the video of the prank along with reactions here:

As a facility manager, which side of this practical joke would you be on?

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  1. About 25 years ago some finance folks where I used to work moved a free standing partition into a colleague’s cubicle and left a memo form (pre-email days) signed by “Facilities.” Needless to say, the victim was not amused and I received irate phone calls from the employee and his manager.

    I like a good prank as well as anyone but people should be aware of the collateral effects.

    By the way, this prank was first pulled by Cal Tech students back in the 1950’s for Senior Ditch Day.

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