QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Service Request System Plus More

This Question of the Week comes from the Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management Professionals group on Linkedin.

I am looking for recommendations for tenant service request systems. My company is the property management company and facility management company for commercial office space.

I am looking for a product that offers the following features:

  • Interactive service request system
  • Interactive preventative maintenance system
  • Instant alert system
  • Tenant email
  • Project management
  • Calendar with detailed scheduling feature (i.e. individual task assignment, automatic preventative maintenance scheduling, and department schedule)
  • Reporting
  • Dedicated tenant website
  • Mobile system

My goal for the system is to provide our tenants with a simple solution for service request, building info searches, and contact system. It must also allow for easy to use administrative and engineering use. The calendar feature needs to be simple and/or automatic. The request need to be easy to view, update, and print. I also need a detailed reporting system. Can anyone recommend a product?

Ami Stevens
Facility Manager
Washington, DC

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