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How do you handle temperature complaints in your facilities?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Too Hot/Too Cold Complaints


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Too Hot/Too Cold Complaints

This Question of the Week comes from the Building Owners and Managers Association group on Linkedin.

What is the number one complaint in your buildings concerning temperature comfort? How do you handle these problems?

Barry Epstein
Piedmont Service Group
Greensboro/Winston-Salem, NC

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  1. We have a corporate summer / winter temperature setpoint policy. 72 – 76 in summer and 69 – 73 in winter. Any complaints that fall outside those are not acknowledged as problems. Our system monitors each VAV zone and alarms are sent if they fall outside the setpoint parameters.

  2. I am with Michelle – Please dress accordingly. We try to keep building temps around 72-73 deg. F.
    Very difficult to do this year as we had so many 100deg. F days.

  3. I use one set point and explain to all employees, If they are too hot or too cold they should dress in accordance to the office temperature, we just can’t please everybody at the same time.

  4. We have set where each users will what is the max temp or min temp and we take avg temp to set the hot or cold.

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