FRIDAY FUNNY: It’s Not What You Think…

An image has been circulating on the Internet lately; you know, one of those memes that’s funny, but it also seems somewhat  too good to be real. Sure enough, that’s the case with the following image. Take a look:

According to the original image, this is “Viagra’s head office in Toronto, Canada. Seriously, it is!” At least according to the meme. Alas, this is not true.

After a bit of research (also known as “fact checking”), it became pretty clear this was NOT “Viagra’s head office in Toronto” due to one major detail: Viagra was invented by scientists at Pfizer’s lab in Sandwich, Kent, UK—not Toronto.

So where is this place and is the shrubbery placement significant? Turns out, the “unfortunate topiary” may indeed be fitting. One of the tenants in the building (which is in Portland, OR, not Toronto, Canada) is the Portland Valve & Fitting Co. division of Swaglock, a company that designs, manufactures, and delivers an expanding range of fluid system products and solutions. It’s not Viagra, but hey….

For those of you interested in the exact street address of this building, it’s 815 Southeast Sherman Street  Portland, OR 97214 (according to Google). Check out the view on Google street maps! (And while you’re at it, you may want to check out the landscaping on Google street view as well…)



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