NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Water Savings Calculator by Chicago Faucets

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Chicago Faucets recently introduced an online water savings calculator that facility professionals can use to estimate how much water they can save by switching from a 2.2 GPM faucet to a 1.5 GPM or a 0.5 GPM faucet. The calculator is pre-programmed with estimated sewer costs from major cities and shows how upgrading Chicago Faucets can also provide a significant cost savings.

Once on the site, users can choose between a 1.5 GPM metering faucet or a 0.5 GPM electronic faucet. The next screen asks for number of faucets, minutes of use per faucet per day, days of operation per year, and water/sewer cost (with a drop down menu of major cities). 

The calculator then provides an estimate of how much cost savings and water savings a facility manager could expect to see, per day, per year, and in the faucet's lifetime.

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