QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Can Facilities Managers Work Anywhere?

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This Question of the Week comes from the Facilities Management Professionals International Group on Linkedin.

Telework and hoteling are gaining popularity in the workplace, but how does it apply to those of us in the facility management profession? Is it feasible to “work from anywhere” for facility managers? What are the possibilities and risk factors?

A H M Sayef Hossain
Infrastructure & Facility Assistant Manager
Banglalink, A VimpelCom Company
Asia & Africa Business Unit

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  1. Sheila Farr says:

    With the advent of technology, facilities managers supported by a network providing on site information definitely, can be feasible to work from anywhere for a period of time outside of inspections or special problems.

    The risk factors are physical damage due to emergencies or disaster, time related
    risks and breakdown in communication. Risks identified can be minimized making way for a number of possibilities..

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