NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Phoenix Leather Collection by EcoDomo

EcoDomo has introduced the Phoenix Leather Collection™ of repurposed leather belts made for walls, panels, and rugs. The Rockville, MD company collects used leather belts from Goodwill stores in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC as well as from collectors before sorting, processing, and adhering them onto panels with its group of artisans.

The Phoenix Collection can be used in a variety of facility spaces, and creations from the collection have been used in corporate offices, hospitality facilities, and showrooms. The belt panels used in the collection offer an artistic and whimsical accent to reception desks, doors, feature walls, furniture, and area rugs. They can also be used as wall art. 

The collection items are offered as follows:

  • Three colors (black, brown, or multicolor)
  • Five standard sizes panels (ranging from 6”x48” up to  48”x48”)
  • Area rugs (in rectangular or circular sizes up to 5’ x 8’)
  • Custom sizes (up to 4’ x 8’ panels)

EcoDomo has pioneered recycled leather applications for floors which are as comparable to cork or linoleum for wear.  The company now offers recycled leather solutions for the wood industry where the product can be used as wood veneer and as an sustainable and more economical option than traditional leathers for paneling and diverse applications.


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