NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Repeller 360° from Bird-B-Gone
Designed to withstand high wind conditions, this physical deterrent rotates to prevent birds from landing on facility surfaces and equipment.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Repeller 360° from Bird-B-Gone

Bird-B-Gone, Inc., a manufacturer of humane bird deterrents, recently introduced the Repeller 360°, a physical bird deterrent that rotates in the wind to deter large birds from landing in unwanted areas.

Covering an area 6 feet in diameter, the Repeller 360° features reflective “predator eyes” to confuse and scare birds from coming near the protected area. The arms work to “sweep” birds off surfaces, while the reflective predator eyes create a visual scare zone that birds will want to avoid.  

The unit has optional mounting bases to choose from, and potential installation spaces include signs, railings, rooftops, and air conditioning units. A locking pin in the base helps ensure the Repeller 360° does not blow away in high winds.

Repeller 360° is made of durable materials meant for prolonged exposure to saltwater and sunlight. The anodized aluminum arms and UV protected body are meant for outdoor use. Made in the USA.


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