NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Integrated Ceiling/Lighting from GE Lighting and USG

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GE Lighting and USG Corporation have teamed up to bring facility managers and design professionals a monolithic, integrated ceiling and lighting system using products from USG’s Logix™ Ceiling System  and GE’s Lumination™ LED Linear Recessed Luminaires.

These are designed and tested together, making it simpler to construct new office, retail, hotel and restaurant ceiling lighting systems.
Lumination LED Linear Recessed Luminaires bring crisp LED illumination to the Logix Integrated Ceiling System. By concentrating lighting in narrow bands running the length of a ceiling, Logix provides design flexibility without the constraints of traditional acoustical ceilings.
GE’s Lumination LED Linear Recessed Luminaires are available in 4′ and 5′ fixtures measuring 4″ or 6″ wide to fit Logix layouts. They consume less electricity than traditional light sources and last years longer before needing replacement.
The continuous look of Logix panels and Lumination LED lighting is ideal for environments where a clean, uncluttered ceiling appearance is desired.


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