QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Mobile Phone Use In The Workplace
Now that mobile technology is everywhere, what is considered fair and reasonable in terms of personal cell phone usage in the workplace?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Mobile Phone Use In The Workplace

This Question of the Week comes from the Facilities Management Group on LinkedIn.

How do you regulate mobile phone usage during working hours? I understand that people need to deal with personal business at times, and I also understand that many companies equip employees with mobile phones as the primary form of communication—particularly in the facilities management profession where we are frequently away from our desks—but how do organizations create policies that are both fair and effective? 

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 Seattle, WA

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  1. mdharley says:

    The standard should depend on the company’s communication plan and the associated charges. Actually the issue is really nothing new. Company’s have addressed the same issue with land line phones for almost a century. The fact that the cell phone is more mobile does not mean it should be used for anything more than the land line and the pc. Simply cell phone use should be limited to business and personal emergencies (e.g., pick up the kids or the spouse, medical emergencies). I hate to see an employee on the job with a phone continually stuck in the ear talking to their girl friend, boy friend, husband, wife, mother, other relative, buddy. The company is not paying employees to talk to, text, or e-mail cutsies to friends and family while at work.

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