10 Things To Keep In Mind With ADA Compliance

ADA Facility ManagementPosted by Heidi Schwartz

Have you scheduled alterations, renovations, improvements, or new construction in your building in the coming months? Did you know that your plans could be impacted by the 2010 ADA regulations—the first major update to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) since the regulation was first published in 1991?

Here are just 10 areas of construction/renovation that are affected by the 2010 ADA regulations.

  1. Front and Side Reach Ranges: New limits on counter heights and placement of elements such as faucets, towel and soap dispensers, water fountains, shelves, coat hooks, etc.
  2. Employee Work Spaces: Increased accessible common use circulation paths.
  3. Restrooms: Increased turning spaces and clearances for wheelchair access.
  4. Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs must be permitted in all areas open to pedestrian use; and increased wheelchair turning spaces and clearances—work spaces and restrooms.
  5. Power-Drive Mobility Devices: Devices like Segway®PT must be permitted in most case.
  6. Accessible Routes: Must be located in same areas as exterior and interior general circulation paths.
  7. Parking Garages: All pedestrian direct connections to another facility must be accessible; and additional van accessible spaces required.
  8. Communication Services: Video remote interpreting (VRI) and other auxiliary aids may be used to provide effective communication.
  9. Service Animals: Expanded coverage for individuals using dogs for specific tasks.
  10. Fitness Centers, Exercise Rooms, Spas, Saunas and Swimming Pools: Accessible routes, clear floor space for wheelchair equipment and facility access, and accessible pool entries/exits now required.

BOMA International’s ADA Guidebook examines how the 2010 regulations affect buildings. To order, visit the BOMA Store.


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