FRIDAY FUNNY: Hand Sanitizer To The Rescue!

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In Sharon, PA, the weapon of choice for one attempted robbery was germs.
In Sharon, PA, the weapon of choice for one attempted robbery was germs.

This year’s flu season has been exceptional. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control, 47 states have reported a widespread number of cases (as of January 5, 2013). But in good news, while “Flu activity remains high across the United States, there are signs this year’s bad season may be waning in some areas, government health officials said Friday,” JoNel Aleccia of NBC News explains.

And while nothing about having the flu is particularly funny, one man’s attempt to exploit his germs is certainly weird, if not comical. Last year, Fred Parker of Coolspring Township, OH attempted to hold up a local business in Sharon, PA by threatening to spread an antibiotic resistant staph infection. 

After claiming to have MRSA, Parker “began touching the walls and sweepstakes machines” in Lucky’s Internet Cafe. He then tried to rob the cashier by threatening to infect him as well.

Police Chief Mike Menster said, “It’s our first case of robbery by threat of an infectious disease.”

The cashier refused to hand over the money, so Parker left the cafe and headed to a nearby Rite Aid, where he was quickly apprehended (and sanitized).

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