NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Advanced Pipe Inspections by Martin Technical

Martin Technical, a Denver, CO-based provider of facility/plant maintenance, safety, and efficiency services uses advanced ultrasonic based technology to conduct its Pipe Inspection Predictive Maintenance Program. The service can be conducted to evaluate the condition of fire pipe and process water pipes.

Using ultrasonic technology for pipe inspections is a tried and true way to measure pipe wall thickness, but the data provided from traditional ultrasonic methods is limited. For this inspection program, Martin Technical incorporates both traditional UT ultrasonic “time to flight” thickness testing along with its proprietary patented Localized Guided Wave scanning system.
The Localized Guided Wave system
identifies areas of pipe that show indications
of internal corrosion or other issues.

The capabilities this advanced approach to pipe inspection provides beyond traditional methods include:

  • Identify pipe wall thickness and what is in the pipes ( e.g., water, sludge, air pockets, scaling, ice plugs, corrosion buildup, residue). Traditional services only identify wall loss, not build-up and other anomolies.
  • Identify what sections of pipes need replacing so that facility managers don’t have to replace the whole system
  • Provide more information and faster data collection
  • Does not require the piping system to be shut down

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