NEW PRODUCT FLASH: USB Duplex TR Receptacle from Cooper Wiring Devices
New combination USB charger with duplex receptacle offers fast, convenient charging; solution includes 2.1A USB charging ports compatible with most electronic components.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: USB Duplex Tamper Resistant (TR) Receptacle from Cooper Wiring Devices

Cooper Wiring Devices has introduced a simple solution to charge a wide range of electronic devices with its new USB Duplex Tamper Resistant (TR) receptacle. Replacing the standard AC duplex receptacle, the commercial grade receptacle eliminates the need for bulky adapters by including two integrated USB charging ports rated at 2.1A to charge virtually any electronic device quickly and easily.

TR7740W-220The all new Combination USB Charger is ideal for commercial applications and is available in both 15A and 20A. Tamper Resistant shutters provide code compliance with 2011 NEC® Article 406.12 and offer a safer alternative by resisting the insertion of foreign objects that could cause electrical shock. The commercial grade device also features pre-stripped wire leads for easy installation; an LED indicator light that notifies users when a device is connected; and is available in five different color options to fit into any new or existing design seamlessly.

The Combination USB Charger from Cooper Wiring Devices provides fast, convenient charging for commercial applications and is listed to UL498 and UL1310, File No. E15058. Its 2.1A charging capability makes it easy to charge virtually any applicable electronic component including tablets, smart phones, e-readers, mp3 players, cameras, and more.


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