FRIDAY FUNNY: How Far Can Data Center Energy Savings Take You? (INFOGRAPHIC!)

The Energy Logic 2.0 Roadmap Infographic

The Energy Logic 2.0 Roadmap Infographic

This Friday Funny is more fun than funny, since it takes facility managers on a little journey to illustrate the effectiveness of energy savings in data centers. The folks at Emerson Network Power have posted an online infographic demonstrating the savings made possible by using certain strategies for cutting data center energy costs and boosting capacity.

Recognizing that kilowatts can feel abstract, Emerson developed the infographic to translate kW into measures of distance—miles and kilometers—plotted out on a round-the-world road-trip.  The best part? One can quantify the savings that are possible through vendor-neutral steps that any data center can take.

Emerson’s Energy Logic 2.0 Cascading Savings Calculator helps facility managers tally up the savings they could experience by implementing certain strategies. All fms have to do is enter compute load and facility PUE and then go through the step-by-step calculation instructions to create a comprehensive savings strategy. Once they reach their final number, they can plug that number into the infographic to see how far their savings would take them!


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