QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Dealing With Workplace Psychological Injury Management
What are some of the major challenges standing in the way of effective workplace psychological injury management?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Dealing With Workplace Psychological Injury Management

This Question of the Week comes from the Workplace Experience group on LinkedIn.

What kinds of challenges are corporations dealing with—and strategies being design to combat against—psychological workplace injury*? I have read a number of articles, surveys, legal amendments, and theoretical papers, but I have yet to come across any practical sources. This is why I am seeking genuine case studies surrounding psychological injury management. 

So what are some of the factors holding back workplace psychological injury management? Are there current strategies that are attempting to tackle these issues? What more can be done to improve psychological wellbeing in the workplace?

Slavomir Kucharski
Sydney, Australia

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*Psychological injury is defined as: “a stress-related emotional condition resulting from real or imagined threats or injuries that may become the subjects of personal injury litigation, workers compensation claims, criminal injury compensation, other disability claims, or human rights tribunals. It is an injury to mental well-being and/or an injury to or loss of cognitive function.”


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