Setting The PACE: Commercial Retrofit Financing

PACENowSetting The PACE: Commercial Retrofit Financing

Johnson Controls Institute for Building Efficiency, PACENow, and the Urban Land Institute have released the white paper, “Setting The PACE: Commercial Retrofit Financing,” a paper offering an overview of the commercial PACE market that is geared towards the commercial building owner community. PACENow  is a non-profit organization that provides impartial leadership for a broad coalition of governments, elected representatives, national municipal associations, trade organizations, businesses and business councils, environmental groups, and private individuals who support the PACE movement.

The paper takes a close look at four active PACE programs which demonstrate the range of financing approaches within the PACE industry. There programs are:

  • Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP), CA
  • GreenFinanceSF, CA
  • Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority PACE Program, OH
  • DC PACE Program, DC
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PACE White Paper


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