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In Sunol, CA, Lehigh Hanson's aggregates production site is the first of its type to achieve the Energy Star Challenge for Industry.

Energy Star Recognizes Aggregates Production Site

The EPA’s Energy Star Challenge for Industry has recognized Lehigh Hanson, Inc. for operations at its Mission Valley Rock plant in Sunol, CA. This is the first aggregates production site to achieve the Energy Star Challenge for Industry, with its energy intensity reduced by 12.2% within one year. This is equivalent to 28,987 mm Btus of annual source energy avoided and 817 MT of annual CO2e (equivalent) star industry

The EPA estimates U.S. manufacturing industry is responsible for nearly 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the nation and spends almost $100 billion annually on energy. Under the umbrella of the Energy Star Challenge for Industry, EPA is working with individual manufacturing sites and their parent companies to combat climate change through improvements in energy efficiency.

Lehigh Hanson’s Mission Valley Rock plant was able to reduce its energy intensity by taking a holistic approach to reducing energy consumption. Plant management, with support from personnel at the company’s technical competency center in Irving, TX, completed a comprehensive review of the major systems at the plant, including crushers, conveyors, pumps, screens, feeders, fans, heating, and air compressors.

Based on their findings, a number of energy related projects were planned and implemented. The projects included a mix of equipment installations, such as hot oil economizers and variable speed drives as well as process improvements and energy optimization strategies. The plant shifted certain production tasks to reduce loads at peak demand times and set monthly demand control targets.

“We are extremely proud of being the first aggregates production site to achieve the Energy Star Challenge for Industry,” said Tom Jackson, plant manager at the Mission Valley Rock facility. “By taking a good look at how and where we were consuming the most energy, we were able to develop and implement a comprehensive energy reduction plan that was realistic and attainable.”


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  1. Lyndsay at ELRUS says:

    Congratulations to Mission Valley! It is good to see the aggregates industry recognizing that it can be one that uses energy responsibly and respects the environment. Sites running old, inefficient equipment aren’t doing clean air or their bottom line any favours – aggregates has come a long way, and the industry is making a more ecologically sound decisions than ever!

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