NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Surveillance Integration from Pelco and Oncam Grandeye
Pelco's Digital Sentry (DS) IP video management system (VMS) now incorporates Oncam Grandeye's 360° technology to provide total situational awareness.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Surveillance Integration from Pelco and Oncam Grandeye

Pelco by Schneider Electric and Oncam Grandeye recently announced the integration of the Pelco Digital Sentry (DS) IP video management system with Oncam Grandeye’s 360° surveillance technologies. Key features of the new DS capabilities include:new product flash

Oncam Grandeye Technology: When integrated directly into the VMS platform, it provides total coverage with no blind spots and an unobstructed field of view enabling multiple angles of any scene, including both 180° and 360° panoramas, with PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom).

Retrospective Dewarping: As a forensic tool, Digital Sentry’s new capabilities enable users to navigate around any scene retrospectively, providing total situational awareness.

Multiple Users: Having Oncam Grandeye technology integrated into the DS Platform allows multiple operators to track multiple threats from a single camera, either live or recorded.

“We’ve worked closely with Pelco by Schneider Electric to ensure they can provide their customers with the very best available 360° technology,” said Greg Alcorn, senior vice president, Oncam Grandeye. “If users want to augment 360° technology with traditional surveillance, the entire scene will be truly and completely presented, and critical, natural situational awareness obtained.”

“Digital Sentry continues to support innovative technology from a wide and growing variety of camera manufacturers,” said John MInasyan, director of VMS, Schneider Electric. “It was a natural fit for us to incorporate Oncam Grandeye’s 360-degree technology, giving the very best experience possible to our customers, in this first step of providing total situational awareness across the Pelco VMS portfolio.”


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