NEW PRODUCT FLASH: SDL4 LEDs from World Light Tech

The SDL4 LED lights from World Light Tech deliver 25% to 50% more light than other LEDs and up to eight times the brightness of standard incandescent lamps. The proprietary double LED technology is available in a variety of products suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. These include parking lots and garages; area lighting; security lighting; and architectural lighting. Interior applications include high bay lighting; ceilings; accent lighting; hotels; and retail displays. Each product is backed by a seven year product flash

For facility interiors, the company’s SDL4 products include T-8 tubes; PAR 30 and PAR 38; MR-16 12 volt; and E27/E26/B22.

The T-8 tubes range from 2′ to 8′ in length, offering models between 10 and 38 watts. All have an average life of 50,000 hours.high bay LED lighting

Meanwhile, the company’s PAR-30 and PAR-38 lamps range from 6 to 18 watts, featuring 40,000 hours of life. The MR-16 12 volt lamps range from 1.5 to 6 watts, with a 40,000 hour life. And the E27/E26/B22 lamps offer ranges from 4 watts to 12 watts, and a 40,000 hour life.

Based in New York City, World Light Tech has offices in Houston, TX and exports throughout the world to locations including Central and South America; Eastern and Western Europe; Asia; and Australia.


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