FRIDAY FUNNY: Need Coffee? Just Yawn
Imagine a world where all you had to do to receive a free cup of delicious, steaming hot coffee was to yawn. That's right. Bye bye red eye.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Need Coffee? Just Yawn!


Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Travel is exhausting, there is no doubt about it. Between the delays and the long security clearance times, airline travel is probably the worst it has ever been. But in Johannesburg’s O.R Tambo International Airport, airline travel has just gotten a little bit better.

How? Call it instant magical caffeinated goodness.

Yes, some lucky travelers are getting free coffee—all they have to do is yawn in front of the Douwe Egbert machine and facial recognition software does the rest. Check out this promotional video from the company, and you’ll see how it works:

Did you yawn? Sorry, no coffee here…


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