FREE CASE STUDY: Back To School - Appalachian State University
This case study examines how the decision maker at Appalachian State University took the long-term view when he opted to go with an LED lighting solution.

FREE CASE STUDY: Back To School – Appalachian State University

BooneNC-ASU-070612-006Written by John Casadonte

Appalachian State University (ASU) is setting an example in energy efficiency, and being a good steward of student fees, with a move to an all-LED lighting solution from Cree in its Plemmons Student Union. ASU is one of the first North Carolina based higher education facilities to take advantage of high-efficiency LED lights. The energy cost savings not only improves the bottom line but most importantly invest in the long-term commitment to the educational experience and safety of the student body.



Author’s bio; Casadonte is a product marketing manager at Cree, an industry leader in LED lamps and luminaire products for interior and exterior applications. Throughout his more than 20 years of technology experience, he has held numerous marketing positions involving product positioning, channel marketing, industry and public relations, which have offered him the opportunity to work extensively with engineers, facility managers, and public and private institutions. Casadonte often interfaces with end customers and industry advisors to understand requirements and key business trends to convert to new product enhancements. Casadonte currently supports Cree’s Education initiative to help support the company’s sustainability efforts and achieve LEED qualification for the many institutions nationwide.

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