FRIDAY FUNNY: Do Amateur Acting + B-Grade Movie Backdrop = Compelling Crane Safety?

Posted by Heidi Schwartzfilm-noir-wallpaper

Apologies in advance for the convoluted equation, but blame it on the marketing team at Sims Crane & Equipment. The folks there are pushing the artistic envelope in a brief safety oriented video that asks the question, does A + B = C?

Shot in the classic film noir style, the video, entitled “Citizen Crane,” opens with the line, “It was a dark and stormy night; the kind of weather that tries men’s souls.” Seconds later, the femme fatale strolls into Safety Director Bob Berry’s office and declares, “There’s a company out there that’s trying to make a lift in this weather. It’s just unsafe!” Well, you just have to see it to believe it:

Founded in 1959, Sims Crane & Equipment Co. is based in Florida. While film making is certainly not its primary business, the company does get high marks for attempting to relay some rather conventional safety concepts in an innovative way. Play it again, Sims…


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