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This interior furnishings collection includes collaborative workspaces, along with stations for work that requires privacy.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Connection Zone from KI

KI recently introduced the Connection Zone Collection, which includes teaming tables with privacy dividers; group project areas; seating areas that promote interaction while allowing for personal work style preferences; privacy booths to tune out distractions; assigned and unassigned storage space; and mobile work boards for information capture and impromptu space product flash

The collection has been designed to address the human element of workspace and how the right “zones” foster improved performance.

Focus zones, retreat zones, social zones, ideation zones, and storage zones are all key areas with discrete needs that are addressed with the components of the collection.

KIEach element of Connection Zone was selected for its ability to support multitasking. The benches can be expanded or contracted. Mobile marker board dividers provide a space for idea collection and sharing. And team storage provides a space for personal items.

Steel powdercoated components ensure product longevity while high pressure laminate worksurfaces ensure balanced construction. While varying by style, all components within the collection allow for segregation of materials for post use recycling.


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