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Suitable for interior and exterior applications, this product enables facility managers to achieve safety goals and requirements without sacrificing aesthetics.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Safemesh by GKD Metal Fabrics


NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Safemesh by GKD Metal Fabrics

GKD Metal Fabrics has introduced GKD Safemesh as a solution to the challenge of combining safety requirements with aesthetics in a variety of facility settings. The product draws upon a full portfolio of metal fabrics, coupled with numerous fastening and support systems, all customizable to provide optimized security and safety solutions without compromising design product flash

Suitable for interior and exterior applications, GKD Safemesh is a balustrade system that is transparent, durable, and virtually maintenance free. Potential applications include sports and other entertainment venues, bridges and parks, schools, and offices. At Yankee Stadium, one of these systems has been installed to enhance the safety of the stairways and railings (seen below). GKD offers a wide selection of weaves as well as the ability to create custom fabrics in varying dimensions, gauges, and open areas  (including for spaces that call for extra large finished panels).gkd safemesh

From concept to installation, GKD offers a design-to-build experience that uses a collaborative process. From fabric selection to system component design, on-site installation consultation to ongoing maintenance and post installation inspections, the company is accessible for support and/or technical expertise.

Most of the metal fabric installations require periodic cleaning, consisting of pressure washing and a general inspection. GKD provides maintenance guidelines at the completion of each project and is available to coordinate or perform maintenance services as required.

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