NEW PRODUCT FLASH: I-Line Combo Panelboard from Schneider Electric

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Schneider Electric introduces its Square D I-Line™ Combo Panelboard, designed to save time and space by combining an I-Line power distribution section and NQ or NF lighting sections into one panelboard. Along with a smaller footprint, this product is designed to address customer pain points, helping them to improve performance, reduce costs, and save space within facilities. The design enables quick installation, reduced labor expenses and material costs, and a smaller footprint. Key features and functionalities of the I-Line Combo Panelboard include:

Ease of installation and compatibility: The I-Line Combo Panelboard is built to the same UL Listed 67 standard as other Square D panelboards and provides quick installation due to the minimal amount of materials needed and having to install only one panelboard. This latest release builds on Schneider Electric’s Classic I-Line Panelboard solution offering the same quality and familiar layout.

Reduced footprint: By combining a power panel with up to two lighting sections in one enclosure, the I-Line Combo Panelboard saves significant space in a facility, over traditional configurations.

Simple retrofit: The I-Line Combo Panelboard enclosures fit into the same footprint on sites where an existing Classic I-Line power panelboard resides, providing easy upgrades of electrical equipment.

Schneider Electric
Square D I-Line Combo Panelboard

Flexible circuit breaker configuration: The I-Line Combo Panelboard is able to house I-Line molded case circuit breakers as well as cost-effective miniature circuit breakers. This provides an economical approach as well as an adaptable solution tailored to meet each facility’s space and power needs.

Customizable: The Single I-Line Combo Panelboard is available in 26″ and 32″ widths. The Duplex I-Line Combo Panelboard is available in 32″ and 44″ widths, with two hard-bussed sections or one hard-bussed section and mounting space for field-installable options. The I-Line power section mounts horizontally, and is available in 18″, 22.5″, or 31.5″ mounting space configurations.

The panelboard will be available for Building Information Modeling (BIM), offering a simple, easy-to-use tool for new building construction designs.

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